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Did you see the news?

Based on published news reports, on Sunday October 24 Mayor François Ghali of Wentworth-Nord was filmed by a security camera urinating on the private garden belonging to his political adversary André Cliche.

When I saw the news item myself I honestly could not believe what I was seeing.

The film segment was presented on the TVA network news and the information has also been published in the Journal de Montreal as well as other news networks.

Once you have viewed all the information, ask yourself one question:

Is this the person I want representing our community?

Click on the link below for the full article:

Latest news

Click here for the link to the 14th alleged violation of the Municipality's Code of ethics and conduct filed by the Commission Municipale du Québec (CMQ).

This is a copy of a posting from the Mayor's personal Facebook page where he issues an apology. As you can see, he issues an apology to the population but not Mr. Andre Cliche; as written, he seems to blame Mr. Cliche for having rendered his act public.

Radio coverage

Other news reports regarding the situation in Wentworth-Nord:

Click here to see the full TV show; Wentworth-Nord is featured at minute 12:54 of the show.

Latest news

Click here for the link to the 14th alleged violation of the Municipality's Code of ethics and conduct filed by the Commission Municipale du Québec (CMQ).

Another piece of information from my previous blog posting FACT or FICTION

Commission Municipale du Québec - 13 alleged violations

Mr. Ghali promotes on his Facebook page that he has a proverbial honesty. My grandfather told me that I should watch out when someone is always talking about how honest they are.

Based on concerns brought to Council members by several employees, as well as complaints made by a member of Council, the Commission Municipale du Québec (CMQ) has filed a total of 13 alleged violations of the Municipality's Code of ethics and conduct against Mr. Ghali and is currently conducting its inquiry.

For me personally, the most shocking violation (#8) refers to Mr. Ghali lying under oath. You can click here to see the alleged violations filed by the Commission against Mr. Ghali on November 16, 2020:

Manquement 8

« Le ou vers le 29 septembre 2020, lors de la rencontre avec les enquêteurs de la Direction du contentieux et des enquêtes, il a menti sous serment convenant ainsi à l’article 6.3.1 du Code 2018, lequel interdit à tout membre du conseil d’agir de façon à favoriser, dans l’exercice de ses fonctions, ses intérêts personnels; »

It appears from the Commission's record that Mr. Ghali filed a legal request seeking the dismissal of the alleged violations. However, in a decision rendered on September 30th, click here for full details, the application was turned down so the matter will eventually be presented before the Commission.

As a citizen, you should be made aware that your Municipality is responsible, under the law, to pay all of Mr. Ghali's legal fees for his defense, the amount paid so far by the Municipality is in excess of $125,000 in the past 12 months and will further increase until the hearing takes place before the Commission.

The eventual legal cost for the Municipality is unknown given the opportunity to appeal any decision.

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