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Public Council Meeting July 17, 2020

The public meeting of Council was once again held virtually.

The entire Council meeting was recorded and a video of the meeting can be viewed on YouTube by clicking here.

The full set of meeting minutes (French only) are available. Click here for a copy.

The English agenda for the meeting is available on the Municipal website, click here for a copy.

Since everyone has access to a full set of minutes of the meeting, I will just highlight some of the points:

Point 1

Changes were made to the agenda. The points relating to the acceptance of the public bids for gravel and asphalt for the projects covered under loan regulation # 2019-563 were tabled (delayed). Additional points 7.5, 7.6, 7.7 and 7.8 were added to the agenda.


The Council members requested that regular updates on the progress and costs of the major projects undertaken by the Municipality be provided at the regularly scheduled working sessions of Council.


Since the decision on the asphalt contracts was delayed, Council wanted to be clear that the funding was to remain available.


This was a statement of intention to continue to invest in roads using the available funds in the loan regulation # 2019-563. Since there was a tie vote the matter was decided in the negative.


Since the Provincial Government had indicated that they intended to provide increased subsidies as part of their economic stimulus plans, Council provided the Director General with authorization to prepare for any increased financing requirements related to the subsidies.


This was a request to obtain additional advice for Council concerning road projects. Since there was a tie vote the matter was decided in the negative.

9.3 (also related to 9.17)

This relates to the land swap that needs to be done in order for the Orphelin Trail to be located entirely on Municipal land. As part of this land swap with Domaine Lac St. Victor, zoning changes are required so that both parties maintain the same zoning as they had before the swap.


Since there is a potential interest in building a communications tower to distribute a wireless high speed internet signal to residents, and since the location of the tower would be on a summit that is protected under the Urbanism plan, a minor derogation is required to allow construction of the tower. This agenda point authorizes a written public consultation process permitted only due to the current health emergency.

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