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Public Council Meeting Aug. 21, 2020

The public meeting of Council was once again held virtually as the required air treatment systems for the Council meeting space have not yet been installed.

The full Council meeting was recorded and a video of the meeting can be viewed on YouTube by clicking here.

If you view the video of the meeting, you will see that the working environment at Council is quite negative.

The draft copy of the Aug. 21st meeting minutes was not available as of August 31st. Once published you will find a copy here.

The agenda for the meeting is available on the Municipal website, click here for a copy (French only).

The following are some agenda points to highlight:

Points 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6

These are the resolutions from the July 31st meeting which were vetoed by the Mayor. As the resolutions were passed again at the meeting of Aug. 21, they immediately become legal and valid.


Council was officially presented with the resignation letter of former Councillor Jean-Luc Groulx who resigned in July.


We are requesting a date for elections however it is not clear when they might be held. Elections are to be held in Oct. for those Municipalities who no longer have a quorum at Council or are missing a Mayor.

7.2, 7.3, 7.4 and 7.5

Authorization of the public tenders for asphalt and gravel for the projects covered by loan regulation #2019-563. I voted against the du Domaine project as I do not feel the paving costs are a justified use of general tax funds given the usage rate of the road.


The minor derogation request relating to a communications tower to be built near Lac Thurson was approved. There is no guarantee that the tower will be built however the required derogation in order to build has been approved.


There is an existing communications tower on Lac Notre-Dame and it is located on a protected summit. This public consultation is related to a request for a minor derogation to increase the height of the tower to 99 feet. Due to the health emergency, public consultations are done in writing only.


A request is made to the Ministre des Affaires municipales et de l’Habitation (MAMH) to help mediate between the MRC and the Municipality issues concerning residents rights on the Chemin de Fer as well as issues relating to the Montfort Pavillion.


New members were appointed to the Voirie Committee which is responsible for reviewing public works projects. The members are André Cliche, Eric Johnston and Yvon Paradis.

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